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april 16, 2022

Helca Lice Free Spray


HELCA SPRAY FOR REMOVING LICE AND NITS FROM THE HAIR. Lice are small, wingless insects living only among the hairs and feeding on blood. They have three pairs of legs that use for moving and hooking up to the hair. Fully grown lice are 3-4 mm long and live around 30 days. Female produce 200 to 300 eggs (nits) during their life. While feeding, lice inject their saliva in the skin of the head which may trigger a hypersensitive reaction causing strong itching and irritation. The diagnosis is set through a detailed examination of hair, by looking for visible lice and nits.

The effectiveness of HELCA LICE FREE SPRAY for removing lice and nits from the hairs is clinically tested and proven to be efficient in lice treatment. The special double-effect formula causes suffocation and at the same time dehydration of lice and nits. HELCA LICE FREE SPRAY is free from any insecticide, so lice are unable to develop resistance to its components.

The preparation bringing together all of the above is HELCA ITCH RELIEF MOISTURIZING SPRAY, pH 5,5 exhibiting a cooling effect thanks to its non-menthol cooling agent, while its other components: lavender etheric oil, aloe, alantoin and panthenol will allow you to spend carefree time in nature.